An important step in the right direction of righting police wrongs and ending unnecessary violence by *and* against police is to recognize the disparity that is created when certain bureaucrats/public servants are ironically elevated above the very laws they are supposed to enforce.

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Rodney King is beaten; it is captured on camera and many tragic results appear to follow including massive Los Angeles rioting and the jury nullification and acquittal of O.J. Simpson. Now, several slayings of African-American men by police has led to or catalyzed the Dallas, Texas assault on police. Our nation mourns the confusing outburst of violence and the families affected by the tragedies, but behind the tumult there lies a bigger issue about the role and scope of law enforcement within America.

This is the “Elephant in the Room” which needs to be addressed lest further violence erupt in typical “backlash” patterns. That “Elephant” is the double-standard of Law Enforcement ethics, or lack thereof. Police can do one thing while enforcing something quite different on the general populace. If there is a legal and statutory standard, it should apply equally to the “enforcers” as well as the “enforcees.” But…

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