Source: Experiencing Christmas

My recollections of Christmas are similar to my wife’s, but we experienced more opportunity to enjoy Christmas with perhaps a bit of guilt that we had more resources than many others who were impoverished and weren’t getting any presents for Christmas. It wasn’t so much the idea that other lands and cultures did not have Christmas traditions as that they did not have enough resources to have a Christmas. Of course, if other places had the means, they would celebrate Christmas. In hindsight, my beliefs about Christmas and family traditions weren’t all that accurate.

One area where I do share a lot of background conditions with my wife is in the absence of singing Christmas carols as a youth. And now that I have properly forced our kids to join with us in regaling others with a Christmas carol or two, I’m not sure that this is worth making into a mandatory family tradition. Perhaps, it’s the effect of age and wanting to preserve some core of family memories together.