Well, it has finally been published in audio book format! Woo-hoo! This one was many months in the making, collaborating with London-based author, Alex Grove, and fine-tuning the audio quality.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release that I published in newspapers in the primarily western Wisconsin region:

“‘I’m really looking forward to seeing this novel now available to even more readers,’ Grove remarks. Audio book narrator and producer, Adam Zens, had this to say concerning the release: ‘This science fiction production is going to offer listeners an exciting ride in a pre-apocalyptic world in which resources are affordable by only the very wealthy. The major players in this new economy are MindWave users, a select few who can manipulate phenomena through Virtual Reality.’ The entire production on audio book will last for approximately 10 ½ hours.”

Anyway, really pumped about this one! Out the roughly three dozen audio books that I have published through the ACX (Audio Book Creation Exchange), this one has the most gritty drama injected into it by far. This is also the first futuristic, sci-fi thriller that I have done hitherto.

One of my favorite scenes in this first installment of the Aeon trilogy is where a pastor of a congregation in Texas is refusing to accept a donation (read: bribe) from a major multinational interest which is seeking to quell unrest about their artificial manipulation of energy markets. She helps to channel the outrage constructively rather than go along with a massive popular revolt that might lead to bloodshed and civil war.

Here’s the link to listen to a free sample through the Audible vendor.

False idols cover photo